Youth Around the World March for Climate Change

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This past week, thousands of teens around the world started participating in marches to united the voices of a generation on the most urgent issue of our time: climate change.

The iMatter March site calls out for united action: “This is not the time to stand idly by and watch the destruction of our planet. This is not the time to sit in fear of an uncertain future. This is the time to stand up and let our voices be heard! There are about 1.2 billion youth on Earth today. 34% of the population is people under the age of 24. We have power, and we have purpose. This is not the end of the story – this is the beginning of our revolution!”

iMatter began as a simple video, created by then 13-year-old Alec Loorz, that covered the problems, consequences and solutions of climate change in like a minute. Today it’s turned into a global campaign aimed at getting people to stop burning fossil fuels and reduce emissions by 5% each year.

iMatter Marches will continue throughout the summer, so click here to see where there might be one happening near you. And if there’s not one? Organize one yourself!



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