Young Woman Entrepreneur Veronika Scott Featured in Fast Company

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Kudos to 21-year-old social entrepreneur Veronika Scott, who was just featured in top mag Fast Company because of her innovative product design with a serious social impact. Her organization, The Empowerment Plan, stemmed from a student project in which she was challenged to “design to fill a need.” Her response to the challenge was to design a unique, insulated coat that transforms into a sleeping bag for the homeless population in Detroit.

The Fast Company profile focuses on Veronika’s inspiration, motivation, and process, and touches upon the evolution of her initial idea to what has today become a movement gaining some serious speed. From the article:

In the beginning the empowerment plan was just about the coat. The coat that transformed from a heat-trapping system during the day into a self-heated, waterproof sleeping bag at night. But I realized that it was no use just coming up with the product without coming up with a way to get the product to the people who needed it. After spending so much time designing it with people who needed it, I just had to figure out a way that it could permanently benefit the community. I could produce some coats by myself but I really wanted to reach out to people who needed jobs. Now the importance of the project lies not within the product, but within the people who are involved and affected by this system. Once I finished designing the product or getting a good idea what I wanted it to be, I had to evolve it into a system and business. Which is something pretty foreign to a design student who doesn’t deal that often in numbers and spreadsheets.

Veronika is an inspiration to anyone with big ideas about blending social change with entrepreneurism. And you can read all about how her venture got off the ground and grown over the past 10 months by visiting her blog, where she’s been chronicling the process from day 1. This cool graphic is a taste of how Veronika organized her vision:

Read more about The Empowerment Plan over at Spread the Word!

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