Wise Words That Keep Me Workin’ It

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I went to NYU for Film & TV and had the entrepreneur’s spirit since being a tot when I contracted chores out to my older sister for a profit (ha!). I run Hello Lucy Design (a web management and design biz) full time as well as Editorial Direction for LikeABossGirls.com. As a full-of-energy go-getter, my motto is “Why the heck not?”. I'm a mid-western girl who has worked for the BBC in London, Nickelodeon in NYC, and Jazz Aspen Snowmass in Colorado. One of my proudest accomplishments was serving as Co-Director for three consecutive years for the Fusion Film Festival of NYU, celebrating women in film, TV, and new media.

I’ve always been a believer in The Quote. Perhaps it started at a young age: I would watch my mom clip words from magazines and save them in a special purple folder which would later be compiled into a whimsical collage, or I’d find a little quote from a movie we loved that she left for me in my planner that seemed oddly apt for whatever was going on in middle school. But now, as a 21-year-old entrepreneur in her senior year of college, I can safely say that quotes don’t only guide my personal life or hang framed on my wall or exist in a board on Pinterest, but they influence how I carry myself in my career.

There’s something so wonderful about The Quote. It takes some chaos in our lives and seamlessly distills that into a digestible bit of wisdom that we can carry around in our pocket and munch on when we need a little soul food. What I love about a quote from a person I admire is that it reminds me “Hey You! These are people you think are awesome, and this is how they think, so why don’t you try it out!”

For those that only use The Quote when writing an essay (brownie points, anyone?!), I propose this: notice the words you notice. Because the way I see it, if a quote makes me look or think or listen, that means there is something in my life that resonates with what it is saying, and that is open to guidance.

The best quotes are not those that get us the “A” on the paper, but the ones that inspire us to act. I have quite a collection of quotes I hold dear, but on any given day these 3 are always here (ha, that rhymed. Totally unintentional):

warren buffett


photo 2

1. “I find the harder I work, the luckier I get.
~ Warren Buffett…Sam Goldwyn… Thomas Jefferson… a lot of cool fellas

2. “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”
~Amy Poehler

3. “The surefire way to not score a goal, is to not shoot.”
~Me. (I remind myself of this obvious-but-often-forgotten fact every. single. day. It’s changed my life… for the better that is.)

What wise words do you live by, Bossery?

forever fanning your flames of fabulousness,

xo, Lucy

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