Why Shailene Rules + The Best of Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards
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Hair Hero: So impressed with Shailene Woodley! The awesome actress is planning on donating her lovely locks after she cuts her hair for a new role as a girl with cancer. [MTV Act]

School Daze: Dreading the end of summer and the return to school? You are not alone. A lot of teens compare school to prison, according to a blog on The Huffington Post. But there’s a way to feel better: “Once kids learn to frame their thinking in a positive manner they want to acquire new skills, achieve a better understanding of a subject and learn ways in which their new knowledge can benefit them. In other words, they become interested and motivated.” [HuffPo]

Support Women: Participate in Do Something’s 25,000 Women campaign and tell your friends “about the crazy working conditions poor women face. By sharing, DoSomething and Kiva.org will give you a $25 loan to give to a working woman in need.” [Do Something]

Touching Teen Choice Moments: Check out Seventeen’s round up of the best TCA moments, including Glee’s Lea Michele’s teary tribute to Cory Monteith. [Seventeen]

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