Where are the Women Who Found Start-Ups? At Women 2.0!

women 2.0 founding startups
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women 2.0 founding startups logoIt’s no secret that the majority of people behind technology start-ups are men. Just look at Google or Facebook or Twitter. But delve a little deeper and you’ll find women in the technology sector making their mark too!

Lucky for us, Women 2.0, a social venture for future founders of technology startups, has made it easy to find out who’s doing what so we can get inspired! The Women 2.0 website features Female Founders, a trove of info on the women who have made a big splash in the technology sector and blazed some serious trails of their own.

The site also features a ton of information, and even hosts “Founder Labs” – a 5-week pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching a start-up. You can read updates on the progress of these labs and learn all kinds of things, from how to build a start-up to making sure your technology idea is a good one.

To read the Founder Labs updates and find out more, visit the Women 2.0 site!

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