12-Year-Old Adora Svitak Knows What Adults Can Learn From Kids

12-Year-Old Adora Svitak
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12 year old Adora SvitakIf you have 8-minutes to spare, check out this incredible video from a recent TED Conference where 12-year-old Adora Svitak tells a room full of accomplished adults why it’s more important today than ever that kids be respected, have their voice heard by adults, and are given the opportunity to have an impact right now. (FYI – TED is a nonprofit which hosts conferences on “ideas worth spreading.”)


This isn’t the first time Adora’s made a big splash – she’s a writing prodigy who had her first book published when she was only seven years old. Now, she continues to working on her “History Tips for Kids,” a project she created in hopes that kids realize history doesn’t have to be boring. Her most recent book, Flying Fingers, just came out in October and features writing exercises along with original stories from Adora.


To see Adora in action, watch her TED Conference video here, or click on this link to see it over at Hulu!

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