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What it’s all about: We Stop Hate is an innovative and inspiring nonprofit organization dedicated to…you guessed it…stopping hate. Sure, this means putting an end to bullying, but We Stop Hate takes their mission a step further by encouraging teens to “stop hating on themselves” too.

Founded by teen Emily-Anne Rigal {read our exclusive interview with Emily here!} , We Stop Hate fulfills its mission by engaging teens through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Teens can connect with one another, spreading the message to love yourself and others. The result is greater “teen esteem” as Rigal calls it.

While We Stop Hate has many outlets for involvement, a critical piece of its influence comes from the videos posted to the We Stop Hate YouTube channel. The channel receives thousands of hits, and features teens talking about their own unique qualities, and why it’s important to love yourself and ignore all the haters out there.

We Stop Hate believes that bullying and hate will decrease as messages of love and acceptance (and teen esteem) increase. And as they say on their website, “Raising teen esteem means a better world for us all.”

We Stop Hate depends on the initiative and passion of teens across the nation. So if you’d like to get involved, there are numerous ways to do so!

Watch the videos! Take some time to check out the videos on We Stop Hate’s YouTube channel. Feel affirmed, less isolated, and encouraged.  See below for link.

Create your own video. Once you’ve checked out the great videos on the We Stop Hate YouTube channel, you might be inspired to make your own! Click here for details.

Write a letter. We Stop Hate encourages teens to write letters…to themselves. And the letter has to be positive. No negativity here! Write and remind yourself of all the reasons you’re beautiful and should be proud of yourself. Check out the We Stop Hate page to see examples and then get started writing your own letter by clicking here.

Wear a wristband or a t-shirt.
We Stop Hate wants you to remind others (and yourself) to stop the hate. What better way to do this than wear the message? You can guy a wristband or t-shirt on the We Stop Hate website under “Merch.”

Start or Join a Club.
Want to promote the We Stop Hate message at your own school? You can start a club! Activities range from bringing in guest speakers to familiarizing yourself with your school’s anti-bullying policy. Just be sure to email We Stop Hate and let them know what action you’ve taken. For more ideas, check out the “clubs” page of the website.

Get connected!

Let other teens tell you what We Stop Hate is all about…watch this video:

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