Want to start a business? You’re not alone!

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Sunday marked the end of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week-long celebration to bring awareness and adoption to entrepreneurship. And, according to a new poll conducted by Young Invincibles in conjunction with Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research, millennials are getting the message.

Forty-four percent of 18 to 34 year olds surveyed said they either want to start a business, or have already started one. “This poll reveals a generation that is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, and that is good news for the U.S….. They recognize that entrepreneurship is the key to reviving the economy.” said Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.

So what’s standing in their way? The survey sites a number of factors, including lack of mentors and difficulty accessing the funds to get a business up and running. But here’s what struck us the most: “Even more respondents – 92 percent – support increased access to the education and training needed to run a small business as a way to encourage people to become entrepreneurs.”

At Like a Boss, we are all about giving you the tools you need to know how to get a business started, from taking you through the steps of building a business plan to pairing you up with mentors so you can ask for advice. Our hope is that these tools provide you with the confidence you need to launch the idea you love!

But we’re always here to answer your questions — so let us know! What concerns you most about starting your own business?

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