Volunteering to Encourage Volunteering

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Arizona teen Christine Iwinski, 17, has volunteered with kids in an after-school program, served food to the homeless and even cheered up animals in a shelter. Now, she’s taking her service one step further by helping other kids and teens learn about volunteering.

“Kids can be volunteers. They just have to be made aware of how they can have an impact.” Iwinski told The Arizona Republic, “I want to model for kids that giving is more than just about donating money, and that giving from the heart takes thought and care.”

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Christine is now helping other kids learn to be volunteers. She has planned Share the Holiday Spirit – Kid-to-Kid Giving. Kids participating in Iwinski’s project will make fleece tie blankets, write cards to soldiers stationed overseas, and find out about other ways they can volunteer. This is a big deal: The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts as it is given to a girl who makes a difference in her community and globally.

What we love about this story is that a teen is using her skills and enthusiasm to motivate other kids; hopefully, they in turn will use the skills they learn to inspire others. Just think of how many people she might ultimately inspire! “I want the kids who attend on Nov. 26 to leave knowing where and how they can make a difference,” she told DC Ranch News. “Giving back enriches your life in ways you never thought of. And kids can have an impact, but they need to know where to start.”

Check out our Five Great Reasons to Volunteer to read more inspiring stories of motivated teens — and learn what you can get back by giving back. Then tell us: Are you planning to do any volunteering this holiday season?


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