#BestoftheWeb: Scream Queens, Gotham and Jessica Jones

#BestoftheWeb: Scream Queens, Gotham and Jessica Jones
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What a girl power-packed TV season!  The leading ladies are more feminist than ever.  The world has been asking for a female superhero for a long time.  This season delivers not one, but two fierce heroines in this fall’s lineup.  The story lines of each of our featured shows proudly and deliberately defy sexist female stereotypes.  Here’s a clarion call to everyone who loves strong women in their drama, comedy, and action TV series.  Get ready to cheer on these fierce women who are not afraid to fight their own battles

Scream Queens is one of the Most Feminist Shows on TV – Entertainment Tonight

Scream Queens airs on FOX at 9/8c pm (season 1 premiere September 22, 2015)

“Strip away the bubblegum colors, cheeky pop-culture references and biting one-liners and the Fox hit is really a show about empowered women – taking a group of sorority sisters who should be damsels in distresses and making them heroines in Chanel dresses.”  While the Red Devil has viewers worried about the fate of the predominantly female cast, these girls are quite capable of saving themselves and each other.

Impressive cast includes Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, Nasim Pedrad, Skyler Samuels, Keke Palmer, Tavi Gevinson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Niecy Nash.  The show’s concept is clever and its references to horror films of yesteryear make ‘Scream Queens’ all that more amazing.  The most epic reference thus far is Jamie Lee Curtis’ homage in Episode 8 to her mother Janet Leigh’s infamous ‘Psycho’ shower scene.

Who Is Camren Bicondova? Gotham’s Catwoman Is a Multi-Talented Teen – Bustle

Gotham airs on FOX at 9/8c pm (season 2 premiere September 21, 2015)

As Camren’s role of Selina Kyle morphs into Catwoman, she will go down in history as the seventh individual and first teenager to play the iconic role.  Hired in 2014 at age 15, she still remains the youngest actress to have played the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman.  Camren’s background as a trained dancer helped her to snag the role.  She is part of the all-girl dance group ‘8 Flavahz’.  In 2012, they competed on ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’, becoming runner-up on Season 7.  The young ‘Gotham’ star makes bank at $17,500 per episode, according to TMZ.

Your Guide to the New Heroine TV: Supergirl and Jessica Jones – Glamour

Supergirl airs on CBS at 8/7c pm (season 1 premiere October 26, 2015)

Yes!  The long awaited DC Comics ‘Supergirl’ has arrived!  Melissa Benoist plays Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl – the cousin of Superman.  After hiding her supernatural powers for decades, as an assistant at a newspaper, she decides to use her abilities to prevent a major disaster.

Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series (season 1 in its entirety streams on November 20, 2015)

How exciting that Netflix has decided to add Marvel comics character Jessica Jones to its catalog of original series productions.  Krysten Ritter portrays Jessica Jones, a private investigator with super powers.  She does her best to avoid the mind control abilities of Kilgrave, her arch nemesis, played by David Tennant. ‘Jessica Jones’ is linked to Marvel’s ‘Alias’ series.

Why ‘Quantico’ Might Be One of the Most Feminist Shows On-Air This Fall – Forbes

Quantico airs on ABC at 10/9c pm (series premiere September 27, 2015)

Priyanka Chopra plays the character of Alex Parish, a FBI recruit who finds herself at the middle of an investigation into a deadly explosion in New York City.  “Parish and three other female characters quickly fall into standard story lines given to their gender (the boss, the petite blonde and the lead who starts with a bang full of boy drama).  Just as swiftly as these clichés are introduced, the plot pivots into feminism.”  With ‘Quantico’, Priyanka Chopra has fully transitioned from the highest paid Bollywood actress to a Hollywood leading lady.  Winning the title of ‘Miss World’ in 2000 at age 17 was her original claim to fame.


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