Tune In To Teen Business Forum’s Virtual Conference for Teen Entrepreneurs!

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If you are a current or wannabe teen entrepreneur, make some room in your busy schedule to tune into Teen Business Forum’s virtual conference entitled Teenpreneurs: Generation Next, happening every day this week, November 14 – 18, from 4pm – 6pm EST.

Teen Business Forum is the largest online community of Global Teenpreneurs, and has put together this conference celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship that is sweeping the globe.

Each day you’ll have a chance to hear from different teen entrepreneurs about their areas of expertise, including wonderkids like Ted Nash (founder of Venevi Enterprises), teen internet entrepreneur Ben Lang (founder of MySchoolHelp), one of the youngest CEOs in the world, Urvesh Vasani (age 16), Curtis Mann (founder of Surmounted.NET), Martin Junior (Fiverr), and MyYearbook.com founder, Catherine Cook. These inspirational young entrepreneurs and others will share their secrets, inspirations, motivations, and get your brain swirling about all the possibilities for making your mark in this brave, new online world.

We can’t wait to tune in! How about you?

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