Akilah’s Blogging 101: Tumblr, WordPress and Blogspot (Oh my!)

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When you’re starting a blog, trying to pick a platform can be kind of like trying to shop for shoes—so many options, so little time! Luckily for you, our blog goddess Akilah has the 411 on which platforms are the best for new bloggers and boils it down to three awesome picks: Tumblr, WordPress and Blogspot.

In her latest “Blogging 101” video, Akilah helps you figure out which one’s the right fit (love the shoe analogy!) and gives you helpful hints on: which platform is easiest to use, which one people are likeliest to leave comments on and which one will help your posts and vids go viral. And the best news of all? They’re all free! So you basically have no excuse not to watch this video and start blogging now:

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