The Balance Act: Caring For Yourself While You’re Juggling It All

a balancing act
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balancing act for teensEver notice that adults seem to be endlessly searching for “balance” in their lives? Look around you…we’re sure you know people who are juggling fulltime jobs, parenting, exercise, and other commitments. But as you know better than anyone, adults aren’t the only ones with out-of-balance lives. If you’re like most teens, you’re doing a juggling act of your own as you deal with school, volunteer work, sports, chores, extracurriculars, family responsibilities, and more.

The good news? You can find a way to create balance in your life, too.

But what is balance anyway? At Like a Boss, we think of balance as taking care of you, inside and out. When you’re out-of-balance, you might be doing things like skipping meals or overeating, dealing with insomnia, blowing off friends, and forgetting to do the things you love to do most, like reading or playing an instrument or exercising or listening to music.

When you’re out of balance, your personal needs – caring for your mind, body, and soul – go on the back-burner because you can’t find a way to make everything on your plate work together. The problem? When you’re out-of-balance, you’re less able to deal when things don’t go your way. And that’s not good for anyone.

So how can you create more balance in your life? Follow these four steps:

1. Assess the Situation: Track your activities for a week to see how you actually spend your time. Is your schedule jammed with stuff that doesn’t feed your soul? Any glaring imbalances?

2. Find your Recharge Activities: What kinds of things equal an instant pick-me-up in your world? Make a list of at least five of your personal recharge activities.

3. Make the Time: Check off at least one (but hopefully more!) of the items on your recharge list every single day. If a certain song resets your mood, find time to listen. If a walk with a friend is all you need, schedule it in!

4. Keep a Balance Journal: Take note of how balanced you feel each night and what any imbalances feel like. This will help you start to recognize what being out-of-balance looks like for you so can be proactive about staying healthy!

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