Teen Entrepreneur Rebecca Black: Building Her Dream

Teen Entrepreneur Rebecca Black
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Whether you love her music or not, overnight pop sensation Rebecca Black is rocking it as an inspirational teen entrepreneur. Following the phenomenal success of her viral hit “Friday,” which has been viewed on YouTube 167 million times, Rebecca is is proving she’s no one-hit-wonder. Her new single, “My Moment,” premiered on her official YouTube channel this past Monday. As of today, the video has been viewed nearly 12 million times.

We love that this 14-year-old has followed her passion (she’s been studying dance and singing since she was only three) and gone after what she wants. She shares a bit of her personal journey on her website:

This is what I have wanted to do all my life and what I plan to do for my future. I’m determined and I don’t think people realize how hard I’ve worked for all of this to happen.

My friend Alana is also an artist and she just did a video with Ark Music Factory. I loved it and did some research on the company. I didn’t think it would make me a star or anything. I just thought it would be a good experience and something for my resume. I asked my mom if we could do it and totally expected her to say no, but she said sure.

Seems like that decision was a good one. Rebecca has shot to fame through her video, and has appeared on Jay Leno and Good Morning America, and grabbed the attention of the music industry. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


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