Teen Choice Awards + Your Fashion Soundtrack

Teen Choice Awards
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Choice Celebrities: Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards last night on Fox? Personally, between performances by One Direction and hosts like Lucy Hale, we had a hard time focusing on who was walking away with the prize surfboard! [Teen Choice Awards]

What Makes an Entrepreneur? According to a recent study, “those who later founded their own companies were more likely as teenagers to have been truant, ignored their parents’ rules, cheated and shoplifted minor items, compared with others in the sample.” But guess what? That same association doesn’t check out for female entrepreneurs. [Popular Science]

Tune Into Fashion: Good music can help keep your spirits up during all kinds of situations—including often surprisingly stressful back-to-school shopping. Check out Teen Vogue‘s list of “18 Songs to Jam To” as you put together your look for the year. [Teen Vogue]


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