Taking a Break From Texting

Teen Creates Smart App
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Here’s something to think about as you start making your plans for the new year:

In a recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle, film director Tiffany Shlain discussed her family’s “technology Shabbat,” which they began practicing in 2011. Starting on Friday at sundown, she and her husband — and their two young daughters — turn off the technology, and keep it off for 24 hours.

A Shabbat is traditionally a Jewish custom — it is a day to rest, think and spend time with community — but Shlain says everyone can benefit from taking time to unplug. “It’s been life-changing for me and my family…”  Shlain said in the Chronicle interview. “Today, with everyone moving so quickly, I highly recommend it. Whatever your background is, doing a technology Shabbat or a weekly turning off of all technology is really important.”

Of course, we know you’re pretty reliant on technology, from surfing the Internet for school projects to texting and Facebooking friends. In fact, according to a recent study, teens send a whopping 3,400 texts per month just during nighttime hours. Taking one day — and night — to turn off your technology might give you a good chance to relax and be more present in your life. Plus, this extra thinking time might also help you focus and achieve you goals for 2012.

What do you think about the technology Shabbat? Could you go for 24 hours without your phone or computer?

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