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What it’s all about: When Chicago teen Sydney Martin realized there was no government funding for research dedicated to a rare blood disorder called “Langerhan’s Cell Histiocytosis” or “LCH,” she decided to do something about it.

Syd herself was diagnosed with the disorder at 10 years old, but she’d already been making her signature rock necklaces for a couple of years before that. With a passion and a cause behind her, Syd sold the pendants—crafted from stones she found on the shores of Lake Michigan—and donated her proceeds to LCH research.

Syd is healthy since receiving treatment for LCH, and continues to sell her necklaces. To date, she’s raised $138,328 for LCH research. Her goal is $200,000, but she says she’ll keep going until a cure for LCH is found.

In an interview with Girls’ Life, Syd stated, “Whenever you are going through a really rough time in your life, make the best of it by doing something to give back.” Syd continues to inspire through her creative spirit and dedication to medical research that can help others.

Want to know how you can support Syd and learn more about LCH?

* Sport your own necklace:  You can purchase one of her signature rock necklaces for $20.00.  Visit her website to shop online or find a retail location.

T-shirts and bracelets too! Supporters can also buy “giving rocks” t-shirts and bracelets, and 100% of the proceeds go towards the Giving Rocks Foundation, which benefits other charities that Syd supports.

* Follow Syd’s cause: You can receive regular email updates from Syd by subscribing on her website.  Or find out what she’s up to by joining her cause on Facebook.

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