Students Speak Up at Occupy Colleges

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You may have heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement going on for the past month, a protest against corporate greed that has spread to 100 US cities.

And now a student movement — Occupy Colleges — has begun. Last week, students at 150 colleges across the nation protested against skyrocketing tuition and student debt — and a dismal job market that has left recent graduates desperate.

Last week’s protests were organized primarily through Twitter  and Facebook and were  held at New York University, Michigan State, San Diego City College, and many more campuses across the country. The Huffington Post quoted one 21-year-old as saying, “We’re worried about our future and that the middle class won’t exist once we get out of school. Also, the rising cost of tuition is a big concern…We’re just frustrated with America and the whole way our society is run. “

Whether or not you agree with Occupy Colleges — or the greater Occupy Wall Street movement — it’s always exciting to see young people speaking up for what they believe in, and learning how get organized enough to make their voices heard. And at Like a Boss, we’re especially thrilled to see students passing on the lessons they’ve learned to other young leaders.

That’s why we’re watching Occupy Colleges’ next move with great interest: It’s  a National Solidarity Teach-in planned for November 2 and 3. According to the website: “The purpose of the teach-in is to create an open discussion time with professors and students with no defined ending time as to give everyone a chance to speak and contribute to the discussion.” Suggested topics include, “How can the Occupy movement affect public policy?” and “What is the next positive step for Occupy Wall Street?”

Let us know your thoughts: What do you think of the Occupy Colleges movement? Do you agree with the protesters’ concerns? Is there anything else you’d add to the list?

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