Stars Get Starstruck & Shy, Too? Yep.

tars Get Starstruck
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Stars Get Shy, Too (Really!): Think you are the only one who ever feels uncomfortable around people they like or look up to? Guess what? Kick-Ass star  Chloe Moretz does, too! She told Empire magazine: “People like Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer on Dark Shadows—I grew up watching them and they’re brilliant actresses, so you do have a point where you think, ‘How am I here acting with you? How is that a thing that’s happening?’ That does blow your mind.” Learn how she deals! [Galaxie Blog]

Gotta Be Starting Something: Want to start an Internet protest? Rookie Mag’s got “a girls’ guide to making some noise on the internet.” Check it out! [Rookie]

Super Awesome News: Congratulations to Super Awesome Sylvia—the tween science star, who hosts her own online maker show, has been invited to present at  Maker Faire World NY in September. See what else she has up her sleeve! [Super Awesome Sylvia]


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