Spring Into Action for Summer

spring into summer
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As the cold winter months are thawing and spring is in bloom, you might be thinking about summer – warm days at the beach, a much-needed break from school, family vacations. Sounds good to us!

But spring is also the perfect time to start thinking about how you will use your spare time over summer break. Because while summer can be perfect for things like working on your tan, hanging out with friends, and devouring cheesy beach reads, it can also be a great time to try something new, get new experience, and maybe even earn some quick cash.

So what’s it gonna be? Here are some ideas to help you get started with your day-dreaming the perfect summer for you!

Volunteer: This is a great option if you’re too young to get a paying gig or you have a specific niche area you want to get experience in. For ideas on how to find the right volunteer opportunity for you, visit Make a Difference here!

Internships: Formal internships can give you a porthole into a career experience you might not otherwise know about. Even if a company or individual doesn’t have a formal internship program, you can always pitch the idea. Who knows…they just might say yes!

Paying Jobs: If your goal is to save up money over the summer, pound the pavement now to line up a summer job. While the standbys like retail stores and fast food restaurants are always options, consider other possibilities like creating your own job where you can set your own hours and rate. Jobs as a babysitter, nanny, house cleaner, gardener and more are a good place to start.

Traveling: If you’ve got the travel bug and the support and financial resources to make it happen, teen tours and programs in foreign countries are great opportunities. From language immersion programs to trips focusing on community service trips or sight seeing and cultural enrichment, the opportunities are a-plenty. Just be sure to thoroughly research the program, supervision, and accreditation before signing up!

Learning: If you want to gain new insight, info, or skills, summer is a great to time immerse yourself in a learning opportunity. Many colleges offer summer programs where you can audit classes, and there are countless camps that focus on a specific curriculum (ie: engineering, orienteering, conservation, and more).

So, what are YOUR big plans for the summer?

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