Spring Forward: Five Seasonal Foods for Your Brain

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March is National Nutrition Month, and something we care a lot about. That’s because good food not only fills your stomach — it can give you energy and even make your memory better.

Here are five easy springtime treats that can help you boost your brain power. We made this list to help launch healthy, happy lunchtimes — these foods are all easy to prepare and pack for girls on the go!:

ONE: Kiwis:  These cute fruits “contain vitamin C that helps alleviate stress and improve learning. Fruits also contain vitamin E that enhances circulation in the blood vessels of your brain,” says Livestrong.com.

TWO: Strawberries: According to a recent New York Daily News article: “eating berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries can help maintain a sharp memory and prevent the onset of mental decline due to their high levels of antioxidants which help protect cells from harmful free radicals.”

THREE: Snap peas: Not only are they tasty and easy to pack, but snap peas are “an incredible source of vitamins C, K and A, as well as folate, iron and manganese,” writes Woman’s Day. Magnese is a trace mineral that you need for normal brain and nerve function.

FOUR: Arugula: Did you know this bitter green can be a mood enhancer? “Leafy greens—arugula, chard, spinach—are rich sources of B vitamins, which are key components on the assembly line that manufactures feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine,” according to Eat This, Not That. For a tasty lunch, try making an arugula salad with beets, a food you can pretty much find year-round; Shape magazine wrote about a scientific study at Wake Forest University that “determined that natural nitrates in beets can increase blood flow to the brain, thereby improving mental performance.”

FIVE: Eggs: Certainly a food that’s associated with springtime — and one that’s easy to prepare any time of day! — eggs can help your brain in lots of ways! The yolk can help you remember where you left your biology book, for example! But don’t limit them to lunch: Shape magazine wrote, “Eating protein-rich foods like eggs for breakfast can improve overall cognitive performance, according to Swiss researchers.”

What can you pack for lunch that can pack a nutritional punch? Share your snack secrets with other girls



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