Spotlight On: Feminism = Equality

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feminism-equalityIt’s one thing to notice inequality and let it bug you—but it’s quite another to do something about it. Welcome to the world of Feminism = Equality! Twelve young women saw the gender inequality at their own school and decided it should be brought to someone’s attention. (Oh, and did we mention that their high school just happens to be the uber-prestigious Phillips Academy? Way to go, ladies!) One letter and several high-profile news stories later (see here, here, and here for starters), these well-spoken teen feminists are well on their way to achieving their mission.

Let’s learn more about Feminism = Equality.

Their Mission:
To raise awareness about systemic and institutional gender inequality and sexism.

Claim to Fame: This group of young women-with-a-vision didn’t like the gender inequality they saw amongst the leadership positions at their high school. So they took it to the paper, and wrote one effective, intelligent, and
fiery “Letter to the Editor.” (This is the letter that started it all.)

How they do it:
For starters, good, old-fashioned conversation and exposure. They started with their Letter to the Editor, which served as a catalyst for other students’ letters, and their goal since then has been to keep the conversations about gender equality rolling. Since its inception, Feminism = Equality has been the impetus behind gender-related school forums, alumni visits from the impressive list of female alums, and mentorship opportunities for younger female students interested in leadership positions. And with an education like Phillips Academy fueling them, it’s no surprise that these smart girls are conducting research as well—collecting data (historical and current) on the school’s gender culture. They also manage to have some fun, as you can see from their recent Leadership
Project Sleepover. (We’re not sure what they’re doing here, but we want in on it!)

Be sure to check out…their “Learn” page, which includes more progressive definitions of feminism and sexism and
gives some insight into the vision of these young women.

If this organization was a celebrity, it would be:
bell hooks.

If this organization had a theme song, it would be: Respect, Aretha Franklin


If this organization had a favorite movie, we think it’d be: Elizabeth. Don’t believe us? Watch this. Talk
about a woman who could LEAD!

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