Smiling Literally Changes Our Brain

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I went to NYU for Film & TV and had the entrepreneur’s spirit since being a tot when I contracted chores out to my older sister for a profit (ha!). I run Hello Lucy Design (a web management and design biz) full time as well as Editorial Direction for As a full-of-energy go-getter, my motto is “Why the heck not?”. I'm a mid-western girl who has worked for the BBC in London, Nickelodeon in NYC, and Jazz Aspen Snowmass in Colorado. One of my proudest accomplishments was serving as Co-Director for three consecutive years for the Fusion Film Festival of NYU, celebrating women in film, TV, and new media.

Fake it til you make it doesn’t apply here. Faking it is making it when you smile! Research is showing us that smiling–whether real or phony–actually changes our brain. Science has long told us that smiling improves our mood and relieves stress. But now, we are learning that smiling literally rewires the brain to make positive patterns and connections for continual mental health and that smiling allows others to like us more.

Smile on ladies!

How Smiling Changes Your Brain | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

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