Smart Advice for Teen Entrpreneurs

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We recently came across an excellent post blog post on the site, a blog managed by a by 17-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker Dale Bell. The post, 9 Tips for Standing Out as a Young Entrepreneur, was full of great, practical advice — especially this tip:

7. Focus on Helping

People pay attention to businesses that are a part of the community. Contact local schools, community centers and charitable organizations and see what you can do to make a difference. Donating money is fine, but if that is all your business ever does it will seem inauthentic. Get personally involved in community service, and create incentives for your employees to do the same with flexible scheduling, matched donations and time off.”

We agree so much with this advice: You can gain so much by volunteering your time with a nonprofit that matches with your business plan. You can earn goodwill in your community and connect with potential mentors and investors. You can also do some market research about the customers you are trying to serve. For example, if you’re trying to start a fashion or beauty company, why not do a clothing drive, like Krissi Fajgenbaumin, or organize makeovers, like Joi Stevens did for homeless teen moms in her community?

Entrepreneur girls: What other advice would you give to girls about how to stand out in the business world?

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