Short Term Focus, Long Term Goals

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Sounds easy enough, but how are we supposed to prioritize short term focuses (like, say, finishing up a project for your boss) with long term goals (like, for example, retiring to your beach house in Laguna at 40)?

That’s what we tackled in this week’s episode of the Productivity Mini Series.

For entrepreneurial minds, it can be hard to focus on the “now” because we’re always looking for the next bigger, greater, better challenge. And I don’t want you to turn that part of your brain off. I want to encourage you to keep thinking five years down the line, but to also DO the things you need to do NOW to get there. Because you’re not going to turn into a 30 year old billionaire overnight.

Enter: The Focus Tracker

Each week, during the Productivity Mini Series I’ve debuted a tool that you can use to build your most productive life. This week, we leaned how to use the Focus Tracker to prioritize both short term and long term goals.

How To Use It

1. I want you to think about short term goals (for me, those are things like “successfully launch Immunocologie in Canada”) and long term goals (for me, those are things like “build an investment network for women-owned businesses). Most importantly, I want you to think about them SEPARATELY. It’s fun to think about what you want the future to be, but you need to temper that with setting goals to move you toward that future. Between now and your ideal life, there’s a murky grey working-through-it period. To bridge the gap, you need to identify your long term goals and then create a map to get you from point A to point W.

2. We often have trouble taking care of what needs to happen in the present AND setting ourselves up for success in the future at the same time. Every week, I want you to have a few defined tasks that further your short term goals and long term goals. So for me, one of those short term tasks would be “execute fantastic press event in Canada” and one of those long term tasks would be “interview a girl boss who I admire” or “sign up for the Hustle Summit to expand my network.”

And that’s it. Simple. The not-simple part is holding yourself accountable to completing tasks on both sides of the table. It’s hard to have a balanced approach. For the first few weeks, some of you will only complete tasks in the “short term” column and some of you will only complete tasks in the “long term” column. Don’t get upset with yourself – just take some time to understand what’s holding you back.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach out to me via email at [email protected], on twitter/instagram @samanthancitro, or tune in to the Productivity Mini Series every Sunday night at 8pm EST on Like A Boss Girls’ Facebook Page!



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Samantha Citro

Samantha is a tri-state area native with a diverse background in sales, marketing & general management. After studying acting (and dabbling in web design) at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Samantha “fell” into a job in the Beauty Industry that has ultimately become a promising young career. Samantha worked her way up at Indie brand JUARA skincare from in-store Brand Ambassador to U.S. Sales & Marketing Assoc. Manager in three short years. In her varied roles, she gained valuable insight into the customer experience both in store and digitally (what drives a person to pull out their wallet at checkout) ultimately acquiring 70% of JUARA’s new accounts over a 2 year period, jointly overseeing education, merchandising, inventory management, and field support management with the VP of Brand Strategy; and fully operating and overseeing JUARA’s digital division (adding multiple CRM platforms, effective email drip campaigns, a social-heavy digital marketing strategy, and frame-working a new website). Continuing on a parallel track to the ordinary, Samantha decided to structure her own “intensive MBA” through a management program at Bridgewater Associates. While at Bridgewater, Samantha served as Chief of Staff for the Research Analytics Department, absorbing the best parts of the unique Bridgewater management style of Radical Truth & Transparency. In more of a generalist position, Samantha joined department leadership in an ongoing effort to improve efficiency and reduce waste through goal setting, project management, and effective delegation. Samantha joined Lucas Brand Equity in January 2017 to serve as Director of Marketing & Operations for portfolio company Immunocologie and to add operational insight to the LBE team. In August, she was promoted to Vice President of Immunocologie. She’s thrilled to be back in a role where she wears many hats, overseeing Immunocologie’s sales, marketing and operations in a day to day management capacity, along with assisting on Lucas Brand Equity initiatives where her skill set is needed. “Sales is acting. Marketing is understanding why people pull out their wallets. Operations is a constant effort to reduce waste. Excellent Management is understanding who your people are, what makes them tick, and how to push those buttons to drive them to succeed. My path may not have been traditional, but I don’t see the world in a traditional way. That’s what I bring to the table.”

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