Shivani Siroya: Changing the Way We Invest

Shivani Siroya
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Shivani Siroya isn’t just brilliant…she’s also passionate. And it’s these two qualities that helped her create her perfect job – CEO of InVenture, an investment fund that helps small-business owners in underdeveloped countries lift their communities out of poverty.

That Shivani built a business around economic and community development is no surprise, considering her unique background. Her adventures visiting family in India, along with her parents’ careers in medicine and investment banking, showed her from a very early age that healthy businesses equal healthy communities.

In college, Shivani studied International Relations, and then went on to earn her Masters of Public Health. After graduation, she got a job working as an investment banker, a job known for its high pressure and seriously long hours. But Shivani burned the midnight oil to work on her passion project, planning the investment fund that would eventually become InVenture.

“I realized I was passionate about it,” Shivani says, “But I was also always asking, ‘Is it sustainable?’”

When Shivani was confident she could make her venture work, she took a giant leap of faith, leaving her banking career behind to become the CEO of her new company. And she’s never looked back.

“It’s the perfect job,” Shivani says. “The work is tangible, and the personal aspect is exciting. I love the fact that I’m not just helping someone take a risk to grow their business – I’m helping them create jobs and resources for their community.”

Creating InVenture from the ground up taught Shivani how to build a business. “At first, I was gung-ho. I wanted everyone to be a part of it – my family, my friends. I love teamwork.” But she realized that while the people in her life were amazing, she needed to hire a team with equal parts passion and skill. So she did, and in the first year, InVenture started working with businesses in four countries.

“We expanded very quickly. We’re in our second year now, and I’ve realized I need to have patience and grow within our means,” she says.

Shivani’s advice for budding teen entrepreneurs? “First, you really need to know that you want to do it. It will take over your life. So, make sure you’ve done your research, make sure other organizations aren’t doing what you’re doing, and then jump in. Think through all the steps and have a vision. Things come together along the way.”

Visit InVenture to learn how you can partner with small-business owners around the world and invest in good!

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