She Stops Hate with Compliment Grams

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It’s a kinder, gentler place at West Virginia’s Winfield High School, thanks to superstar Jillian Carney. In 2012, she followed Emily-Anne Rigal’s cue and started a WeStopHate club at her school. The anti-bullying club quickly grew to 60 members and has been doing great things ever since! Case in point: the oh-so-awesome Compliment Grams, which allow students to send each other warm fuzzies for just 50 cents. Great idea, right?

Here’s our own “Compliment Gram” to Jillian: Keep doing your thing, girl. The world needs more big-hearted movers and shakers like yourself! Big ups to you and the WeStopHate club for your efforts to stop bullying at your school.

See Jillian and her kindness cronies in action in this HooplaHa video!

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