To sell yourself you need to be your very own Superhero

sell yourself
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Sell yourself = you as the brand, but most importantly you as the person


I want you to learn how to distinguish yourself as a product and how to sell yourself. In order to be a product you need to acknowledge who you are, and you need to answer the following questions:

     What are your ambitions?

     What are you going to do to achieve these ambitions?

Now, you need to identify your most cherished attributes, where you feel you can push yourself towards achieving your goals in Work and in Life.

I know we all sometimes feel imperfect, but in order to move forward we need to be our very own superhero. (If you haven’t watched Wonder Woman yet, I urge you to watch it and you will finish the film feeling empowered, engaged, and ready to tackle the world!)

It’s hard to sell yourself, whether it is your brand, or your business, but think about it; if we don’t try, if we don’t network, or speak to others- how can we move forward? If no one knows what WE can bring to the table.


When I am acting, I am showing that I have the ability to be anyone! I am selling my brand and attaching it to a character and using my foibles, quirks, confidence and research to create this character. Sometimes your greatest attribute is found in your eccentricity, just being slightly different helps you stand out. 

Sell Yourself

If you are looking for a promotion, know that you are good enough and prove that with your personal qualities you are the best. Prove that you are great to work with, and that you are willing to go the extra mile – this will not go by unnoticed. 


Be in communication with others in your industry! There is SO much competition. This is a gateway to moving forward, and is something I am reminding myself to do everyday. It’s hard, but the worst that could happen if you do send that email or make that call is that they don’t respond. Well if they don’t – TRY TRY AGAIN!! A lot of millennials I have discovered have  “phone call anxiety” I have never experienced this myself, but try and push yourself to pick up the phone and prove that you can do it – you never know what opportunity you might be missing.


Confidence is the key to success, here are a few ways that help me feel confident:

Be positive, know your accomplishments and be proud of them, surround yourself with people who believe in you and your mission, if you fail- see it as a possibility to try again. Finally, be willing to take risks

Remember you are trying to sell yourself, and to do that you need to believe in yourself. Ultimately we want to build up a life for ourselves, and to do this we need to have Life Goals so we can create structure and construct our own path towards our destiny.

Sell Yourself

So do me a favour, be your own superhero and show everyone what you can do! Write that play, song, book; Create that company; and Be the best version of yourself!

Have questions, feel free to get in touch!



p.s you got this!

Sell Yourself



Piera Van de Wiel

Recent graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts in Drama, Music and Business, Piera is a highly reviewed Actor that has been recently seen in the Classical Theatre of Harlem's Off-Broadway Production of The Three Musketeers, where she played the independent, strong female powerhouse antagonist, Milady De Winter. She has acted in various short films, produced multiple women and film events, and is also a Singer-Songwriter. She is currently in production of her first EP with a renowned Canadian Music Producer. She has performed at the Rose Theatre, London, The Salvation Army, the Yale Club in New York and Jazz Concert Hall at Lincoln Center. She also believes strongly in the empowerment of women and their stories. She has been the Co-Director of the Fusion Film Festival, celebrating and promoting women in Film, TV and New Media, Co-Founder of the Production Company "Here," and Creator and Lead Vocalist for the Female Artist Collective "Stronger With Music." She wants to instil change in her generation and younger generations of women and encourage them to let their voices be heard.
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