Review The Hunger Games and Win an iPad 3!

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Got Hunger Games fever?

Then you’ll love this creative contest from Common Sense Media, a resource that strives to help parents and kids find age-appropriate media and technology:

Make a video of your review of The Hunger Games movie, telling the world what you love or hate about the big screen adaptation of Katniss’s first dystopian adventure — and the newest iPad tablet could be yours!

There are some additional rules: You must keep your video to two minutes or under — and include some additional information in your video, such as what age the movie is targeted for. Also, to earn bonus points, you need to explain if the characters are good role models or not. For the complete rules, including how to submit your video, check out this link.

The contest began on March 23, 2012, and will run until midnight PST on April 29, 2012.


Of course, The Hunger Games is not the only movie making headlines right now. We’re also watching the Bully controversy unfold. We wrote about this a few weeks ago after a teen started a petition to get the documentary’s rating lowered from R to PG-13 (which is what The Hunger Game is rated).

Read more about what’s happening with the movie, and tell us what you think of the MPAA’s decision to release the documentary with no rating. Will you try to see Bully anyway?

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