Remembering Talia + Cory

Talia Castellano
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Talia CastellanoRemembering Talia: We are so sad to hear about the death of Talia Joy Castellano, the teenage cancer victim who made a name for herself on YouTube with her awesome makeup tutorials. We covered her story last fall when Ellen DeGeneres presented Talia with $20,000 and a make-up table full of cosmetics, all donated by Cover Girl. She also revealed Talia’s honorary Cover Girl photo. Read how the stars—and other fans of this inspirational 13-year-old—are reacting to her death on Twitter. [The Huffington Post]

Celebs Who Care: Selena Gomez works with the United Nations Children’s Fund. Beyonce launched the Survivor Foundation to “to help families get back on their feet after natural disasters.” Read more about the big names (including Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber) who are using their star power to make the world a better place. Then find out how you can get involved in their causes! [Seventeen]

Beating Addiction: We are still reeling from Cory Monteith’s tragic death over the weekend. News outlets reported yesterday that the Glee star died from a drug and alcohol overdose. Want to do something to honor Cory’s memory and make sure that other teens don’t become addicted? We like DoSomething’s ideas (written while Cory was still alive and struggling with addiction) which include learning facts about teen drug use and instructions for how to host a benefit concert for rehabilitation clinics. [Do Something]

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