Punch The Clock Day: A Wacky Holiday To Remind Us Why We Love Entrepreneurial Action

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January 27 is national Punch the Clock Day. And here at Like a Boss Girls, that means thinking about how to create a work life in which we don’t have to live and die by clock-in, clock-out drudgery. Instead, we want to be excited about our careers and energized by work. Read on for contributor Nicole Taniguchi’s thoughts on what it means to skip the time card business and work as an entrepreneur:

Imagine trudging into work daily, clocking in, working at mind numbing tasks, and waiting all day until that blissful moment in which you can clock out again.

Now compare that image to one of an entrepreneur: Waking up excited for the job you created for yourself, working at innovating and expanding your own dream and personal vision. Having no specific constrictions on when and where you work because you are The Boss—the founder and CEO of your own business.

punch clockEntrepreneurs lead a very different life than those who have to ‘clock in’ daily. They are innovators and visionaries. They have the passion and the drive for their business. They are on their own schedule. While they work hard and just as much as any other employee, they have the ability and power to decide when to start and when to end their day.

For many entrepreneurs, once their business is up and running, they can work from anywhere they like. There is no set place where they must be to get their things done. Many entrepreneurs can work from the comfort of their own home and be just as productive. They have the power to choose the people they work with and sell products their are passionate about. An entrepreneur is her own boss and is in a position to make work life as tailored to their picture happiness as possible.

While working at a job in which you clock in and out can be rewarding in its own aspects (think: security and normality), for many go-getters, there is no comparison to working in a company that you started yourself.

By working in a job for a company that is already established, you are a part of its vision and are working to develop its dream; why not take that energy and create your own vision and dream?

To be a successful entrepreneur it takes a great idea and hard work. Imagine if Jeff Bezos never quit his career in finance to create his own startup? We wouldn’t have Amazon if he had stayed punching time cards at another company his whole life. Bezos went from working for Wall Street firms to working for himself. Although he started in his garage, his company grew to become multi-billion dollar corporation it is now. He channeled hard work into his own idea, rather than working nine to five in an office, and he demonstrated that in the long haul, working for yourself in a garage can sometimes trump working in a cubicle.

Years ago, creating a startup was a something often reserved for the rich. However now, with the power of websites like GoFundMe and Indiegogo, funding your own startup is possible. Take that chance. Try and work for your vision. You never know if it can be the next Apple or Facebook until you try. Become the person who wakes up excited to work and truly reach their dreams.


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