Preventing Impaired Driving And Keeping Teens Safe

sober driving
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As holiday parties begin, it’s a good time for teens to think about how to encourage safety on the road.  Last December, 415 people died in drunk driving crashes just in the second half of the month.

That’s why we were excited by this recent presidential proclamation: “During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we recommit to preventing tragedy before it strikes by ensuring our family members and friends stay safe, sober, and drug-free on the road.”

Driving while drunk or high is a serious issue among young people: According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, traffic crashes are the number one killer of teens and 28 percent of fatal traffic crashes involving teen drivers are alcohol-related.

Wondering how to get involved in stopping more tragedies? The folks at have several suggestions for how you can help prevent impaired driving in your community: For example, you could start a designated driver program, host a drug-free activity, like a snowboarding trip — or for you creative types, you could organize a poetry slam to raise awareness.

Of course, this is just the start of the list: Tell us your ideas for keeping teens safe on the road this holiday season!

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