[PODCAST] Mind of a Mentor: Renee Cafaro
Own Your Voice

renee cafaro
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With a solid career in politics and now serving as the US Editor of Slink Magazine, Renee Cafaro is a POWERHOUSE.

She owns her voice, her intelligence, her drive, and her body.

But as a plus-size five-foot-2 woman who also suffers from arthritis, she says this wasn’t always the case (and she owns that she still has off days… um hello, welcome to being a human woman!).

You’ll become a Renee fan the moment you pop in those headphones and hear the story of this influential, witty, and ambitious woman. (And she’s now a contributing member of our community! Check out Renee’s POV over here.)

Dig Renee’s POV? So do we. That’s why she’s now a regular contributor for Like A Boss Girls. 

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