Pen & Paper Girls, Rejoice!

new moleskine is like an ipad made of paper
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I went to NYU for Film & TV and had the entrepreneur’s spirit since being a tot when I contracted chores out to my older sister for a profit (ha!). I run Hello Lucy Design (a web management and design biz) full time as well as Editorial Direction for As a full-of-energy go-getter, my motto is “Why the heck not?”. I'm a mid-western girl who has worked for the BBC in London, Nickelodeon in NYC, and Jazz Aspen Snowmass in Colorado. One of my proudest accomplishments was serving as Co-Director for three consecutive years for the Fusion Film Festival of NYU, celebrating women in film, TV, and new media.

Ever struggle to give up that pen & paper feel, but also want to have copies of your stuff on your computer for access whenevs? Moleskine, LiveScribe, & Evernote just became your new best friend. Check out the new “iPad made of paper.”

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