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I love to travel and want to learn more on how my career and wanderlust can coexist.



I’m a determined boss girl who wants to build my own brand or level-up my career opportunities.



This whole #adulting thing is no joke. I want to better navigate my personal finances and money milestones.



I want to make the wellness of my mind, body, and spirit a priority.


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Web Designer + Videographer (and our EIC!)

Lucy Ross

I’m a midwestern girl who believes in 3 things: kindness, the power of asking yourself ‘why the heck not?!”, and the knowledge that life has the capacity to be absolutely miraculous.

As a digital nomad I split my time between Aspen, St. Louis, Florida, Connecticut, and whatever cities abroad are calling my name (currently Budapest and Prague!). My goal is to empower every Boss Girl who is feeling something great within to consciously create your days and dreams. You can! Because we’re living in an entrepreneurial golden age. 


Tyler Young

I am in a season of revival and reflection. My day starts and ends with intentional quiet time through meditation, journaling or reading an inspirational book. My 2017 routine is silencing unnecessary noise and decluttering my life to provide full accessibility for incoming blessings. Death to distractions. This year, I am working to become a TV writer for a scripted series. My time is spent writing, researching, and building necessary relationships to achieve this lifelong goal. In the meantime, I am doing all that is within my power to spread joy, resources, and knowledge to other women that I encounter. What my sister doesn’t know, I am responsible for teaching her. Something magical happens when women rally together. 

Assistant TV Editor

Bridget Greaney

After graduating from New York University in 2015 (Film/TV, BFA), I stayed in New York City to work in the entertainment industry.

Over the past two years, there are a few things I’ve found crucial to both my personal and professional evolution: a reliable support system, strong female friends, and a good sense of humor. Your support system could be anything from family to friends to past college professors. People you trust to look over your resume, calm your inevitable “why is rent so high??” panics, and provide some prospective when you realize you’ve never learned how to cook chicken properly let alone how to file taxes.

Next, find your boss girls. I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by confident, independent women who hold one another accountable for reaching our goals. These ladies may be spread throughout various industries and geographic locations, but we work hard to keep each other on track.
Finally, don’t forget that sense of humor! Lily Tomlin recently said at the 2017 SAG awards, “[…] don’t be anxious about missing an opportunity. Behind every failure is an opportunity someone wishes they had missed.” I completely understand the difficulty of decision-making when you’re trying to see thirty years into the future while simultaneously contemplating whether you should resign your current lease. At the moment, my goal is to not sweat the small stuff. A comedic outlook relieves some of those “adulthood transition” stresses, allowing us to reach our true boss girl potential.  

Post Production Coordinator @ Bleecker Street Media

Stephanie Eugene

I’m an NYC transplant by way of Atlanta, GA. Currently a Post Production Coordinator, my past experience includes MSNBC and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I aspire to work in serialized television. Goals include freelance editing, traveling to Haiti, and mastering Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook. 

Marketing Consultant

Samantha Berg

Hi there! I’m Sam and a marketing consultant. Growing up in NYC, with an immigrant father and a native NYC mother, I was exposed to a lot. From people to arts to exotic foods. I developed a sense of adventure which guided me to study everything from French Lit to Anthropology in college to running marathons and experiencing things like skydiving (only once). Post college, I went to business school and built a career that fostered both my creative side and developed my business acumen. To this day, I’m an adventurer, traveling and trying new things both in my career and otherwise. My goal for the future: instill curiosity and a willingness to try new things in my son (he’s 8!), to empower others to go on bold journeys, and to live a life of purpose and gratitude.