One is Greater than None

One is Greater
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What it’s all about: Five years ago, eight teenage friends saw an episode of Oprah that changed their lives. The show highlighted the horrors of forced child labor in Ghana. The girls learned that it would take $4,300.00 to save one child. They were skeptical that they could save more than one, but that didn’t stop them. They figured “one is greater than none.” If they saved one child, it would be a success. Thus began 1>0. They began making and selling jewelry to raise funds–and awareness–for their cause.

After two years, these young women had raised enough to save 48 children. They even launched their own clothing line, and appeared on numerous media outlets. And in addition to child labor in Ghana, 1>0 has lent support to another cause, “Remote Area Medical,” which provides medical supplies to impoverished areas.

How can you get involved with “One is Greater than None?” and “be part of the equation?”

Spread the word: Read more about the history of 1>0 on their website, and tell others about their cause.

Share the video: Watch this video to see what these girls accomplished during their first year. They want you to forward it on; this helps spread the word too!

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