Strike Up a Convo & Start Networking. #NGNDay2015

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Here’s an incredible TED Talk by Meg Jay that says we move ourselves forward in career and experiences by using our “weak ties.” Makes sense. Our inner circle is what we’re used to, therefore working with close ties only keeps us in a cycle of sameness! We see change when we extend our connections outside of our usual circle.

Need a career lift? Start networking and forge those new connections outside your circle! Networking can be done in line at the bakery, on a ski lift,  or on an airplane (although I must admit, I am a fan of putting on my Bose and jamming out to some TSwift as I look out the window!). Find a commonality between you and your neighbor and start chatting. If the conversation isn’t going in an easy direction or business card/email swap, wind the convo down with a sweet “well I’ll let you get back to latte-decision-making!” and look over the menu intently yourself to signal a happy end to your chat.

Or if you’re more comfortable in predesignated “networking” situations, check out NATIONAL GIRLFRIENDS NETWORKING DAY on June 4th. If you’re in NYC, go to the in-person event with this killer line-up of Boss Women and meet other like-minded driven businesswomen. And if you’re elsewhere in this U-S-of-A, check out the locations that are hosting interactive events with the panelists at the same time, asking them your burning questions via twitter!







  • Hannah Storm – Journalist and Anchor at ESPN
  • Tina Lifford – Actress, Author, and CEO of The Inner Fitness Project
  • Helima Croft – Chief Commodities Strategist at RBC Capital Markets
  • Miriam Hernandez-Kakol – U.S. Leader Technology Enablement at KPMG

Be part of National Girlfriends Networking Day (#NGNDay) in a nationwide celebration of the power of building connections.


You might need a revamped resume for this event!

sample resume revamp

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