Job Help for Teens Looking for Holiday Gigs

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With the holidays coming, many teens are starting to think about jobs to earn a little spending cash — or volunteer opportunities to help round out their resumes.  But finding work can be stressful, especially in today’s economic times.

That’s why we were excited to read about, which provides listings for hourly jobs – including part time jobs for students in all industries including retail and restaurants.

Here’s how it works: Go to and enter in your zip code. There, you will find listings in your community for temporary or part time jobs at companies like Home Depot or UPS. Find a job that you like? You can sign up and apply right through the site. There, you can also find internships, volunteer positions and more. GrooveJobs also provides teens with interview and resume tips, so you’ll be extra prepared when the right opportunity comes your way.

Of course this is just one option for teens looking for work. Share your advice for job hunters about how to land the perfect gig!

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