MTV’s Power of 12

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What It’s All About: With every presidential election, MTV has played a huge role in rallying young people to get involved and get out the vote. This year they’re doing this through their Power of 12 election campaign. The campaign aims to inform and engage young voters and amplify their voices through between now and the big election in November.

Power of 12 has a number of different initiatives they’re using to build momentum, including:

  • Power of 12 Website – This site features a stream of youth-focused election news, snapshots of the political candidates, breakdowns of the major campaign issues, and everything a would-be voter needs to know about getting registered and making their voice heard on election day.
  • On the Ground News Coverage – MTV news corrsponden Sway Calloway and documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks will be covering all the caucuses and primaries from day one.
  • Fantasy Election ’12’ – MTV’s unique spin on Fantasy Football, this game lets you follow the election like you would a sports team and tracks your points based on what’s happening with your candidate, how you’re getting involved, and more.
  • When I Was 22 – This new series gives viewers a unique look inside the lives of the different presidential candidates when they were 22 years old, focusing on their dreams, triumphs, setbacks, and the moments of resiliency that ultimately shaped their worldview.

Check out this excerpt of the MTV Power of One documentary “Our Voice”:

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