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You might know Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie in the High School Musical movies, but this year she’s playing a different kind of role.

Since last fall, Monique has been the United Nations Youth Champion for the International Year of Youth, and as part of her role of representing youth around the world, she’s organizes a 6-month global tour to raise awareness about the Year of Youth.

Here’s what she said in a recent interview with Ypulse about her unique opportunity:

“My primary objective is to learn about the issues young people face globally and to find other “youth champions” and bring attention to the positive work they are doing in their communities. I’m halfway through the tour & I’ve been to Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Beijing, Tokyo, India, Bangladesh, Greece, and Kenya. I’m currently in South Africa. In each country, I do school visits, host youth summits, and meet with government officials. I volunteer with large organizations such as UNICEF & UNHCR and many local organizations as well. I’m also encouraging youth around the world to organize events to celebrate the year of youth.”

This summer, Monique will be the keynote speaker at Allykatzz’s UN International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration in New York City this August, where 192 female delegates ages 11-24 will join together at the UN for a celebration which AllyKatzz says is “the day when girls from around the world speak up and change the world.”

We love it when celebs like Monique use their clout for good!

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