Monday Morning Inspiration: McKayla Bounces Back

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OK, OK, you’ve likely seen the Internet meme featuring  Fierce Five gymnast McKayla Maroney scowling after being cut-and-pasted to look like the observer of  a skateboarding dog, a unicorn prancing near a rainbow and other fantastic feats.

McKayla is Not Impressed is sure to make you  laugh — even if it is pretty much at the expense of the talented tumbler, who still went on to earn a silver medal in her individual vault, even after a devastating stumble that left her scowling on the platform.

But the superstar showed off an amazing hidden talent this weekend — one that every Like a Boss girl needs. She showed a sense of humor — and that she can even laugh at herself. This weekend, she posted a link on Twitter to a picture of her performing her famous scowl next to her bathrobe-clad teammates. The caption read: The pool is closed.. #not impressed.

Ha! We ARE impressed.

As you start school this Fall, keep this amazing story  in your mind. You are probably going to face some difficult moments this year, too — everybody does! If McKayla can laugh at herself, even after sparking a worldwide Internet phenomenon — and not winning a gold medal in an event she was favored to win —  maybe you can maintain your sense of humor and perspective during your own tough times.

Did you know that laughing actually lowers your stress level? For more on the many benefits of laughter, click here.

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