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What It’s All About: believes that in order to create long-term, sustainable and community based solutions to the challenges facing our generation, Millennials (young adults born between the years 1976 and 1996) must authentically engage their peers in identifying problems, proposing solutions, and most importantly, must work together to implement these solutions on their campuses and in their communities.

We first found out about Mobilize after learning they joined forces with one of our favorite youth activists online communities, Youth Noise, whose website says their goal in connecting with Mobilize is to focus their activist energy and form a more cohesive movement.

How? Mobilize brings Millennials from around the country together for their national Democracy 2.0 Summits, where they discuss the challenges facing our generation and our country. Then, they work collaboratively to develop sustainable solutions to address them. The top solutions, selected by Summit participants, receive Democracy 2.0 Awards – financial and logistical support to successfully be implemented on our campuses, in our communities and online.

So far, they’ve supported more than 34 Millennial-led projects, including the One Percent Foundation, which aims to get more youth involved in philanthropy, and My Impact, an online community that allows volunteers to record, share, and track their personal impact.

The site also has a lot of resources for activists, including their Mobilize Guidebook, which outlines tools to help Millennials improve their communities and their campuses, as well as become more engaged in the political process.

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