Mind of a Mentor Ep. 1: Resiliency with Michelle Erland

mind of a mentor
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Our inaugural Mentor, Michelle Erland, went from bartending at a local NYU bar to managing the NYC’s Giovanni Rana in just under two years.  TWO YEARS, PEOPLE!!! And what is so inspiring about Michelle is that she has faced unbelievable personal hardships. Michelle lost both her parents within a few years of one another just as she was entering adulthood. Michelle is a Boss Girl who epitomizes resiliency and we hope you’ll find strength in her story like we did.

Big takeaway for me:

“Create your own timeline. Your journey is the only journey that really needs to matter for you.”
– Michelle Erland –

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Since our Mind of a Mentor last month, I travelled to Italy to take part in the Vinitaly International Academy with selected candidates from around the world. I passed the exam and became an Italian Wine Ambassador in the United States! I am very excited because being an ambassador opens the doors to new opportunities to learn and grow within my passion- wine!

I am studying for my third Sommelier level (Advanced) with the court of Master Sommeliers but don’t have plans to take the exam until 2018/2019. I am however, finishing my MBA in hospitality at Johnson & Wales University.  One class at a time is what I am doing- the finish line looks farther away but it will be here before we know it.  🙂

Michelle Erland, NYC
May 10, 2017


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