A “Million Reasons” for Women to Band Together

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We need love, compassion, and reminders to keep pushing through and keep believing in ourselves. I believe the power of music can do just that.

Lady Gaga is one of my favourite artists. She has such compassion and openness about her issues and the fights she has to face daily. I believe she is a pillar of strength and her music empowers you through difficult times.

The #metoo campaign affected so many of my friends, and it really shook me. As I scrolled down my facebook and instagram, the sheer number that I encountered, made me feel physically sick, and all I wanted to do was cry and reach out to each individual friend. But after these posts kept coming up, I realised that we need this awareness. This is a movement in letting go of a secret and showing the world that Harassment happens regularly and it SHOULD NOT!!!!

I felt an urge to write this article and help band women together to fight, and to remember love exists. To all my friends and the women who have been affected by this, I love each and everyone one of you, and I wanted to share this recording of me singing a cover of one of Lady Gaga’s songs: “Million Reasons.”  

This song was written about the struggles to let go, and to speak out. It means so much to me as when I sing it I sing the heartache, the love, the power, the broken pieces of myself, but I know I must use my inner strength to keep going. I believe that the women who spoke out and shared #metoo you gave yourself that power of sharing your story. The power of letting go and letting the world know the magnitude of this issue is the first step in building a stronger you, as we as women-  come together!!!!

Piera Van de Wiel

Recent graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts in Drama, Music and Business, Piera is a highly reviewed Actor that has been recently seen in the Classical Theatre of Harlem's Off-Broadway Production of The Three Musketeers, where she played the independent, strong female powerhouse antagonist, Milady De Winter. She has acted in various short films, produced multiple women and film events, and is also a Singer-Songwriter. She is currently in production of her first EP with a renowned Canadian Music Producer. She has performed at the Rose Theatre, London, The Salvation Army, the Yale Club in New York and Jazz Concert Hall at Lincoln Center. She also believes strongly in the empowerment of women and their stories. She has been the Co-Director of the Fusion Film Festival, celebrating and promoting women in Film, TV and New Media, Co-Founder of the Production Company "Here," and Creator and Lead Vocalist for the Female Artist Collective "Stronger With Music." She wants to instil change in her generation and younger generations of women and encourage them to let their voices be heard.

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