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Here’s something to smile about as you come back from the three-day Veteran’s Day weekend: First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing on iCarly to promote Joining Forces, a White House initiative to bring attention to the unique needs and strength of America’s military families.

The episode will appear in January, and features the First Lady as a guest star integral to the episode’s storyline, which is about Carly trying to contact her dad on his birthday while he is stationed overseas.  She even participates in the show’s trademark “Random Dancing” (as shown in the video below).

“It’s a feel-good initiative,” Nickelodeon’s network president Cyma Zarghami told The Associated Press, “and regardless of your political affinity, everybody cares about these families, so it just feels right.”

Of course, Joining Forces is just one way to raise awareness for military veterans and their families. DoSomething.org also provided a great list of other ideas. We’d love to hear some of your own projects!

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