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Marie HellWe once read a quote in a coffee table book that said “the problem with the American woman’s style is not that she has too few clothes, but too many.” Marie Hell is for all the minimalist girlbosses out there. With Marie Hell, you don’t need a million things in your closet… just a few that you love. Marie Hell is a sustainable fashion brand that has some pretty awesome standards: 1) clothes only use the most luxurious and natural fabrics 2) clothes and manufacturing process must be sustainable 3) clothes are minimalistic yet edgy 4) production must maintain ethical manufacturing standards. That’s a pretty great list of “minimum requirements” if you ask us!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which will earn a commission when you buy something. We have carefully curated our selections to focus on companies that are founded by, owned or co-owned by women entrepreneurs. Our brand focus is ‘women supporting women.’ This shopping initiative is consistent with our editorial philosophy and overall company values of supporting the efforts of young women to ‘make a living, make a difference and make it big.’ We will do our best to highlight and promote companies that we admire and products that we, ourselves would buy.

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