Make a Joyful Noise: Music-Oriented Volunteer Opps

Music Oriented Volunteer Opps
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If you’ve got a passion for music and are seeking ways to give back to the community, we’ve got a bright idea for you. Why not combine the two and use your musical talent to benefit others?

There are numerous ways for individuals to improve the lives of others through the gift of music. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

There’s a reason so many celebrities give benefit concerts. They work! But you don’t have to be Bono to raise money for a great cause. Look no further than these teens in St. Louis, Missouri. Their “Arch City Theater Troupe” has put on a Broadway Revue for the past eight years to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. And if you’re not quite ready for the concert stage? No need for a curtain call—performances don’t always have to be high-profile. Assisted living facilities often enjoy musical performances during or after meals; check with one in your area.

Maybe you’re not only good with a guitar, but with kids, too. Guess what? The world needs you! So many children are in need of good music education—the possibilities are practically endless. You could give lessons pro-bono at a local school or volunteer to direct a young person’s musical at your old grade school. And check out our ideas for academic-related volunteer opportunities: a musically-focused summer camp or after-school program may be the perfect place for you to donate your time and energy.

Try music therapy:
Did you even know there was such a thing as “music therapy?” Music is used to therapeutically treat all kinds of medical and mental health issues, and you don’t need a master’s degree to contribute. Many hospice centers and hospitals are looking for people to contribute music to soothe patients during some of their most trying hours.

Make or produce a music video!
In this video-gone-viral age, music video is an ideal way to reach a broad audience. Maybe that’s why groups like The Jubilee Project have created a non-profit based around their numerous videos focused on important causes. Their video “Love Language” went viral, bringing attention to young people who are deaf. But you don’t have to start your own non-profit just to produce a video. Many non-profits would love the kind of press that can be achieved through Youtube videos, but may not have the budget to hire a professional company. Why not choose a cause in your community (for which you’re passionate) and offer your technical and music-savvy services?

Get involved in a music-focused non-profit:
Let’s be honest—a lot of us have a great appreciation for music, but maybe not so much talent in the performance department. Fear not! If you’re passionate about music but not ready to strap on a guitar for a good cause, think about giving your time to a music-focused non-profit organization. The Music Hope Foundation, the Harmony Project and My Voice Music are just a few examples of the kind of organizations that could use your volunteer time and passion.

Check out the Jubilee’s “Love Language” video which raised more than $2,500!

Do you have a musical gift? How have you used it to help or benefit others?


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