Looking for the Perfect Internship? Why Not Go Virtual?

virtual internship
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If you’re looking to get work experience in an industry you love but can’t find the right opportunity in your community, we’ve got two words for you: virtual internships.

Internships are a great way to get on-the-job training and a foot in the door of a company you may want to work for some day. They’re also great resume builders, which can help you when it comes time to fill out college applications or apply for a summer job. Internships don’t usually pay, but what you don’t make in cold hard cash, you’ll more than make up for in contacts, experience, and skills you can take with you anywhere.

Virtual internships are the same thing as internships, except all the work is done online. So whether you live in Little Rock, Arkansas, Portland, Maine, or Fairbanks, Alaska, you can still get great experience, even if the company isn’t in your backyard.

So what do you need to score a virtual internship? The basics include a computer with internet capabilities and some computer skills. The rest depends on what kind of gig you’re looking for. For social media gurus, web-savvy techies, and wannabe writers, the opportunities are aplenty. We just searched on the website Urban Interns and came up with more than 100 results!

USA Today ran an article earlier this year on virtual internships, and the writer had these tips for potential interns to land the the perfect internship and get the most out of it:

  • When applying, follow application instructions to tee to optimize your chances of getting the interview
  • Use the cover letter to sell yourself (don’t be bashful…share all your relevant experience and accomplishments)
  • If you get an interview, have a Skype or Google Chat account set up in case they want to connect with you online
  • Double-check the time-zone for the company when the interview is set up! Working with people in other parts of the country may mean you’ll have to account for a time zone difference
  • When you get a job, set up a clear plan for how and when you’ll communicate, whether you use AIM, Google Chat, or even good old fashioned email.

Interested? Here are a few websites that post virtual internships to get you started. And if you do go virtual, let us know how it works out!


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