Lauren Conrad Shares Her Entrepreneurial Tips

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Since reality star Lauren Conrad left The Hills, she’s been busy writing books, working on her fashion line, and launching two new websites (Lauren Conrad and The Beauty Department). Now she can add to her credits, lifestyle blogger at Forbes Magazine.

As part of her new role at Forbes, Lauren is going to write about life as an entrepreneur. Here’s what she said on her first blog post about her many ventures:

Many of you are probably wondering why you should take a person like me seriously as an entrepreneur. For me, it’s pretty clear: I run two clothing lines, two websites, and a book franchise on top of directly managing my brand and endorsement deals. I’ve made a career out of allowing cameras to capture my personal life but that doesn’t make me “just another reality star” looking to start a clothing. People often forget that I am a person who was documented for more than six years while pursuing a dream to make it in the fashion industry. The friends, the drama, the adventures, unfolded around that.

There’s no doubting that Lauren is one of the hardest working young women in the public eye. Here’s her first blog post over at Forbes. What do you think? Oh, and while you’re at it, check out this promo for her new gig:


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