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Bully comes out this month, a documentary telling the stories of some of the 13 million kids who are bullied each year in the U.S. The teens profiled include a 16-year-old lesbian who was the victim of a hit-and-run by teenage boys in her hometown and the parents of a suicide victim who now hold vigils to raise awareness about this dangerous problem.

The project aims to not only raise awareness about bullying, but also encourage viewers to take action. The Bully Project wants to inspire local action groups, and will soon launch an application that provides expert advice to help parents and students deal with bullying.

Right now, there is a controversy about the film’s rating: The MPAA gave it an R because of the mature language, but there’s a petition to get it changed to PG-13 so teens can see the film without an adult. If you want to sign the petition — which has already gotten more than 150,000 signatures — you can do so here. BTW, we love that this petition was started by a high school student!

Bullying — online and offline — is something we’re really concerned about at Like a Boss. That’s why we’ve posted a review of an important book on the subject: Dear Bully presents 70 personal essays from top young adult authors in order to show teens, as well as adults, that it’s possible to rise above bullying and succeed. Girls who want to get more involved in raising awareness and fighting back should check out our article Beating Bullying.

Check out the film’s trailer. Does it look like a movie you want to see?

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